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Hydraulic waste paper baler
Hydraulic waste paper baler
Hydraulic waste paper baler
Hydraulic waste paper baler
Hydraulic waste paper baler
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Hydraulic waste paper baler





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Product description

The automatic hydraulic baler has the advantages of fast baling speed and high efficiency; each bale only takes 2.5 seconds, can be heated instantly, and is immediately packaged; only 1v low voltage is convenient and fast, and the rapid heating system is easy to use.

Product features of automatic Hydraulic waste paper baler:

※ The fully automatic hydraulic baler system combines the automatic folding and sealing machine and the fully automatic strapping machine (using countertop rollers without power) to meet customer sealing and strapping needs and save labor costs. The two-machine integrated design enables sealing and binding Package operation automation;

※ The automatic hydraulic baler is driven by belts on both sides, the main transmission mechanism uses a special bottom, low noise, and increases the life of the belt;

※ The fully automatic hydraulic baler adopts PLC control system, the driving belt on both sides is lengthened by 300MM, 2 or more sets of photoelectric switches are installed, and the number of bales can be set;

※ The fully automatic hydraulic baler adopts a trapezoidal screw rod to adjust the width and height simultaneously, and the structure design is reliable;

※ The corner length of the sealing tape at both ends of the carton is 50~65mm;

※ The automatic hydraulic baler is mainly used in industry: the outer packaging of medicine, printing, food, beverage, cosmetics, books and other products.

Features of automatic hydraulic baler:

①PLC control, man-machine interface (touch screen) and window monitoring, synchronous action indication and error warning, the length of the packet can be set.

②Floating necking design is conducive to automatic distribution of pressure on all sides.

③The feeding port is equipped with a distributed shearing knife, which has high cutting efficiency.

④ Automatic strapping to improve packing speed.

Technical parameter

Packer modelDZ-120 modelDZ-160 modelDZ-180 modelDZ-200 model
Nominal pressure1200KN1600KN1800KN2000KN
Number of bundles4 threads5 threads5 threads5 threads
Package size1100mm×900mm×1300mm adjustable1100mm×1150mm×1500mm adjustable1100mmx1250mmx1500mm adjustable1100mm×H1350mm×1600mm adjustable
System pressure28mpa28mpa28mpa28mpa
Voltage frequency380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Operation methodautomatic / manualautomatic / manualautomatic / manualautomatic / manual
Yield6~9 packs/H8~12 packs/H10~15 packs/H12~15 packs/H
Bag weight800kg1000kg1200kg1400kg

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