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Film shredder
Film shredder
Film shredder
Film shredder
Energy saving

Film shredder


Feed size:550-1000mm

Applicable materials:Pipe, head material, film, rubber, circuit board, cable, wood, etc.

Application field:Plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, household waste and other industries waste recycling

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Product description

Yuantong mechanical Film shredder is suitable for multi-purpose biaxial shredders such as new films, woven bags, fishing nets, tires, etc.; it can be used for waste agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bags, space bags, food bags, cement bags , Recycling and crushing of waste fishing nets and other raw materials; For example, woven bags, continuous crushing production provides solutions.

In this processing process, the waste woven bags are mechanically sent directly into the new double-shaft shredder through the motor → transmission reducer → transmission main shaft, and the N moving knives installed on the main shaft and the fixed knives installed on the frame are used. The whole bundle of woven bags is shredded, and the woven bags are separated from the sundries (stones, sundries, etc.) through the separating water tank to reach the recyclable raw materials.

The new multi-purpose double-shaft shredder for films, woven bags, fishing nets, tires, etc. adopts double-shaft independent drive, so that during production, the material will be pressed correspondingly to achieve the automatic feeding function. The unique knife shaft structure and four-corner rotation In the low-speed and high-torque production process, there will be no shaft winding or equipment jamming, which improves production efficiency. This equipment is suitable for crushing various materials with high toughness and viscosity. There are many advantages in production, environmental protection, recycling and other aspects.

Film shredder

Technical parameter

Spindle power (kw)6-90*24-75*24-45*24-37*24-30*2
Spindle speed (r/min)18-2518-2518-2518-2518-25
Output (t/h)18-2510-256-126-84-6
Weight (t)28151265
Diameter of cutter head (mm)Φ600-1200Φ600Φ550Φ400Φ400
Broken size (cm)5-205-205-2003-103-10
Length, width and height (m)7x3x3.26*2.5*2.44*2.47*2.43.2*2*1.93*2*1.9
Workshop length x width (m)2.2x1.851.9x1.21.5x1.01.2x1.01.0x0.7

Why choose Yuantong

Ten years of ingenuity metal crushing equipment

• Henan metal crushing equipment manufacturer

• 10 years of professional production experience, the brand is trustworthy

• With independent production and processing centers, products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions at home and abroad

Strictly control product process quality

• Hundreds of front-line workers provide guarantee for product development and technological innovation

• With dozens of unique craftsmanship, it has been praised by "Customers are trustworthy"

• Advanced environmental protection spraying equipment to ensure the beautiful appearance of the equipment

Professional service team, meticulous service

• Professional service team to serve you and escort your production

• Safe and efficient logistics distribution center to ensure accurate and timely delivery of equipment

• Provide customers with free installation and commissioning and personnel operation training services

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