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Hydraulic gantry shear manufacturers

Source:Yuantong Heavy Machinery    Time:Oct 24, 2023      16

Hydraulic gantry shear manufacturers

The level of competition in the scrap steel shearing machine industry is relatively fierce, and it is currently in a relatively mature stage of development. Henan Yuantong Machinery is one of the earliest manufacturers to enter the scrap steel shearing machine industry. It occupies a place in the scrap steel shearing machine industry. It is one of the companies with diversified product varieties and series in the scrap steel equipment processing enterprises. The gantry shears produced by Yuantong Machinery have a tonnage of 1200-1800 tons of conventional models, and the width of the cutting mouth is 600-2200mm. It is suitable for light and thin steel, steel, steel, nickel, steel, round steel, steel pipe, scrap copper, Scrap steel, scrap iron, light metal structural parts, stainless steel, metal briquette, automobile body, aluminum alloy, copper, iron filings, steel wire, automobile, metal briquette and other scrap steel crushing equipment can not handle heavy waste and winding materials Processing.