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The correct starting method of hydraulic scrap shears

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The correct starting method of hydraulic scrap shears

The hydraulic scrap steel gantry shear is a large-scale scrap steel and iron shearing equipment. Yuantong gantry shears are mainly used for metal cutting, such as: metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries, for various Shaped steel, angle steel, channel steel, round steel, billet, iron wire, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, steel wire rope, rebar, cut angle iron, and other metal structures are cold-cut and processed into qualified charge.

So, what are the steps to start the hydraulic Gantry Shearing Machine?

When starting the scrap steel Hydraulic Gantry Shears, you need to turn on the power first:

1. The thickness of the steel plate cut by the Yuantong gantry shears is not allowed to exceed the limit for the use of gantry shears. The work piece must be compacted when cutting the board. When the gantry shears cut narrow steel plates, if the vertical pressure device in front of the gantry shears cannot cut, another steel plate should be pressed on the cut steel plate, so that the vertical pressure device presses down the plate firmly to avoid shearing The steel plate that was sheared at the time was lifted up and damaged the machine tool.

2. The person operating the switch must wait for the line watcher to give the cut-off signal before driving; when the gantry shearing machine is feeding the material, it must wait for the upper scissors to stop before feeding. Feeders and line watchers are not allowed to put their hands inside the vertical pressure device.

3. The steel plate cut by the gantry shearing machine should be transported away at any time and stacked neatly according to the specifications. All working actions of the hydraulic gantry shear are controlled and output by PLC according to the working mode selected by the operator. Yuantong Longmen Shearing Machine has a high degree of automation, simple and safe operation.

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