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Metal scrap crusher
Metal scrap crusher
Metal scrap crusher
Metal scrap crusher
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Metal scrap crusher

Model:1800 Model



Host size:3.8x3.8x4.2

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Product description

Metal scrap crusher, scrap steel crusher production line is used to process scrap car bodies, tinplates, old home appliances, bicycles, old refrigerators, color steel tiles, empty cans and other inferior scraps to make them into superior steel raw materials. The scrap steel crusher is used to continuously pulverize, remove the coating film, increase the volume proportion, prevent explosion when putting into the electric furnace, and increase the dissolution rate in the state, so as to meet the requirements of steel mills to "feed fine materials into the furnace". Yuantong Machinery's scrap steel grinder has low noise, no pollution, high crushing efficiency, finely crushed material and uniform particles. The price of scrap steel grinder is very cheap. According to different models, the price of scrap steel grinder is also different in the market, but our source is branded The price of scrap steel crusher is fair. Friends and relatives from all over the country are welcome to visit our factory. Our scrap steel crusher production line will not disappoint you.

The scrap steel crushing production line uses the kinetic energy generated by the high-speed rotation of the hammer to crush the scrap steel. During the crushing, the rust, paint and other surface dirt on the surface of the scrap steel can be stripped, and then under the action of the magnetic separation equipment, the purity of the block size can be obtained Broken steel. It has a particularly obvious effect on the treatment of unclassified mixed low-quality steel scrap and scrapped cars, and it is a tool for changing the reality of scrap steel quality.

The YLPS-900 type scrap steel crushing production line can process the following scrap steel: flat or unflattened whole cars with or without engine; light and thin materials with a density of less than 1t/m3 after shearing or packing; The plate thickness is less than 6mm, the width is less than 2.6 meters, and the length is less than 5 meters. Waste steel plates; household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. It uses a hammering method to crush scrap steel. During the crushing, surface dirt such as rust and paint on the surface of the scrap steel can be separated, and then under the action of a magnetic separation device, the non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber mixed in the scrap steel can be separated. Metal waste is piled up separately. Not only can we obtain pure broken steel, but also non-ferrous metals recovered by manual selection. The bulk density of pure crushed steel can reach about 1.2t/m3, which is an ideal charge for electric furnace steelmaking.

The steelmaking of crushed steel processed by the scrap crusher has the following advantages: high yield, that is, a high ratio of molten steel to scrap steel; the chemical composition of each furnace of molten steel is stable, and the content of phosphorus and sulfur in molten steel is reduced; When mixed with other scrap steel, the broken steel can fill the gaps and increase the charging density; during smelting, the number of charging and electrode damage are reduced; air pollution is reduced, and the technical operation is easier; the furnace is heated evenly and the life of the refractory lining is extended; per ton The power consumption of molten steel is reduced.

Due to the limitations of the strength and power of the crusher, the crushing capacity is also regulated with different models. The unbreakable materials of the YLPS-900 scrap steel crushing production line include: steel cables 22 mm thick and longer than 7.5 meters; alloy steel shafts with a diameter of more than 40 mm; mild steel shafts with a diameter of more than 37 mm; and a thickness of more than 20 mm. Plates with a side length of more than 300 mm; plates with a thickness of more than 25 mm and a side length of more than 150 mm; structural profiles with a cross-section of more than 12.5 mm; steel bars with a diameter greater than 40 mm; high-carbon steel round steel with a diameter greater than 12 mm; steel ingots, Billets and similar materials, etc. For non-crushable materials, a discharge door is installed on the upper part of the crusher to protect the machine. The discharge door can be quickly opened to make the non-crushable materials eject from the crusher to reduce the damage to the machine.

1. The blade of the scrap pulverizer is an intermeshing blade made of high alloy, which has a good pulverizer effect on any material with high hardness.

2. The scrap steel grinder is driven by a reduction motor, which saves 20% of the electricity compared to other can grinders.

3. The scrap crusher starts up smoothly without much noise, and is installed with a foundation, so the noise is very low.

4. The strong structure of the scrap pulverizer and dense stiffening plates ensure the strongness of the box.

5. The scrap pulverizer can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding equipment.

6. The price of Yuantong Machinery Scrap Steel Mill is cheap, and the quality is good, and our service is very good, you can buy it with ease.

The crushed material from the scrap steel crusher passes through a vibrating conveyor, a belt conveyor, and a magnetic separation system to separate ferrous metal objects from non-ferrous metal objects and non-metallic objects, and is sent out by their respective conveyors for stacking. Non-ferrous metals and non-metallic objects will be searched by magnetic separation equipment again on the conveyor to sort out free iron metals, thereby increasing the recovery rate of ferrous metals. At the same time, manual selection of non-ferrous metals can improve recycling efficiency.

Technical parameter














Power (kw)18.5-2220-3037-4555-7590-110180-200
Capacity (t/h)0.3-0.61-22-33-55-1010-25
Area (m2)263035405080
Host size2.65x1.5x1.852.8x1.8x1.952.9x2.8x2.42.9x3x2.83.2x3.6x3.53.8x3.8x4.2

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